Combine sorting and repairing for every type of pallet

Want to seamlessly sort and repair pallets of different sizes with a single machine? Combine the Multisort System or the Pallet Sorting System with the Pallet Repair System. By combining sorting and repairing, and because all types of pallets can be processed in the same machine, pallet processing becomes a particularly efficient process for all disciplines within the company.

Loading and unloading of pallets

The pallets that need sorting and repairing are centrally delivered. The operator or the Pallet Type Selector by AI inspects each pallet and directs it to the correct stack if it is in good condition. This process functions seamlessly even in a small space: PSS machines are custom-made as standard.

If a stack contains many different types of pallets, it is convenient to choose a Multisort System. With this system, pallets are sorted simultaneously, and the less common types are treated separately. The usual pallets go to the normal stackers, while the less common ones go to the Multisort robot or robots, depending on the number and positions.

Efficient, ergonomic repair

If a pallet is defective and needs repair, it is immediately referred to the repairers and offered on the upper conveyor for restoration. Once the repair is complete, the repairer does not need to make any further choices. The pallet is automatically conveyed downward by entering it and marked as repaired by pressing a button. Then the pallet goes directly to the stack pre-selected by the operator.

In this way, pallet repairers only handle the defective pallets and receive them ergonomically. The forklift driver can easily manage the machine and receive all the necessary information on a tablet. This includes notifications such as when a stack is almost full and needs to be removed, as well as a warning that new pallets need to be delivered, ensuring the machine can remain efficient.

Real-time insight into your processes

The machine records the production figures of each worker, including the number of repaired and sorted pallets. Additionally, the machine generates a CSV file with these figures, which is convenient for accounting. With the PSS app, you have instant access to all these production figures on your phone. You can gain real-time insight into performance, making it easier to monitor and manage productivity.

Practical examples

A convincing example of the Multisort System can be found at Pallethandel Den Bosch, where a standard sorting system with four stackers at a 90-degree angle was expanded with a Multisort System filling 18 pallet positions. Similar installations have been realized in T-configurations for Europe and for Mopal, where even repair and sorting are combined.

Combining and expanding after installation

Our Multisort System, Pallet Sorting System, and Pallet Repair System can seamlessly be combined with each other, even if a sorting line is already in place. This means you can easily add pallet repair to your existing sorting line. The combination can be built in any desired arrangement, whether it's a straight line, in a corner setup, or in a T-configuration.

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