Project showcase: Rotom

"We have already sorted millions of pallets without any problems."

Fifteen years ago, Rotom was the first to commission a Pallet Sorting System from Pallet Sorting Systems. Arjan Kuiper, CEO of Rotom Europe, shares his experiences as a daily user of PSS' equipment, and they are positive: "Over the years, we have sorted millions of pallets without any problems."

Early adaptor of the very first Pallet Sorting System

Over the years, the pallet sorting and repair systems in use by Rotom have continued to be expanded and optimized. Kuiper: "As an early adaptor, we started with a basic sorter with inspection unit and four pallet stackers. When the pallet stack was full, the forklift driver had to remove the stack before the operator could continue sorting." Thanks to continuous technical improvements, such as the addition of buffer lanes to stackers, the waiting time was significantly reduced. This was followed by many other additions, such as eliminating the sorter's waiting time for the supply of unsorted pallets by means of a buffer unit, the sorter thus has 100% efficient sorting time.

Six sorting and repair lines in operation

Today, Rotom processes more than 25 million pallets a year, with facilities spread throughout Europe. Says Kuiper, "Today, we operate PSS sorting and repair lines in our companies in Portugal, France, Belgium, Poland and two lines in the Netherlands. PSS is a true pioneer, with a constantly improving mentality and a strong focus on quality." Everything is thought of, and so is staff safety. "PSS has paid a lot of attention to realizing maximum safety for our employees. The entire system is fenced and secured with laser beams. As soon as someone enters the machine room, the process stops," says Kuiper.

A sustainable partnership

Kuiper is also delighted with the cooperation: "Over the years, I have come to know Roel and his team as very proactive and flexible in listening to our needs. Since the start of the cooperation, we have ordered six sorting and repair lines." Sustainability is also considered in the process. "In some cases, we request to reuse the modular components, which contributes to sustainability."

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Relying on the best performing equipment

The transition from manual sorting and repair to the commissioning of PSS' machines provides Rotom with many tangible benefits. The efficiency and speed of pallet sorting is increased, leading to a more organized process compared to before the machine was implemented. The biggest improvement in the sorting process is in the speed of sorting. In addition, the machine minimizes manual labor requirements, leading to lower labor costs. The quality of the machine is as expected and no major problems have been noticed with any of the machines over all these years. Kuiper concludes, "I can say, 'You can trust your sorting and repair PSS equipment to be the best performing in its class.'"

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