About us

Welcome to the website of Pallet Sorting Systems B.V.

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. specializes in handling sorting and repair systems. The ideal solution for a fast and efficient way to sort and repair your pallets! WHEN YOU SAY SORT PALLETS, than do it with PALLET SORTING SYSTEMS B.V!

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. designs machines for the pallet industry in the broadest sense of the word.

The Pallet Sorting Machines that we make are modular, which means that we configure the machine to your wish,

The Pallet Sorting Line is a example of simplicity, robust and modular. With this in mind we are always trying to do to build a special machine with existing technology that has proven itself over the years.

Our Pallet Sorting Machines are designed to last, with minimal maintenance. We hope that you can get ideas for further automation of your business. Of course we adapt to your needs, and try to come up with a suitable solution.

We have our Pallet Sorting Systems in: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Romania,Malaysia.