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The standard for pallet sorting and repair

Pallet Sorting Systems' devices allow you to sort and repair as efficiently as possible. These flexible systems offer a solution anytime, anywhere. All our machines are conceived and made in-house here, so we have all the knowledge under one roof. From design and machine parts to ideas and software - we take care of everything ourselves. We only choose parts from suppliers who are as quality-conscious as we are at PSS. So you are assured of reliable machines.

Sorting systems

At Pallet Sorting Systems B.V., we are passionate about developing advanced Pallet Sorting Systems that help you optimise your pallet management.

Whether you work with Europallets, one-way pallets, industrial pallets, light, medium or heavy duty versions, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Repair systems

At Pallet Sorting Systems B.V., we go beyond just sorting pallets. Our standard pallet sorter can easily be expanded with a pallet repair line, which streamlines repair processes and increases efficiency.

Our pallet repair line is suitable for repairing Euro, IPP, LPR, Chep Pallets and industrial pallets.

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Multisort systems

The adjustable pallet sorting with combined pallet repair line opens the door to unprecedented versatility.

Besides the usual standard sizes, such as 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 pallets, it can now sort all CP pallets, including CP3 & CP9 pallets. The machine can nest, sort and even sort and stack repaired Euro pallets and light industry pallets, directly from the workstation.

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Combined Systems

Effortlessly sort and repair pallets of different sizes with a single machine? Combine the Multisort System or the Pallet Sorting System with the Pallet Repair System. This makes pallet processing a particularly efficient process for all disciplines within the company.

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Pallet Sorting Systems realises not only the machine that makes your process as efficient as possible, but also the options that take work off your hands and make the workshop more pleasant. So you achieve a better repetitive result and guarantee the reliability of an operation. Think, for example, of a press, measuring unit or nailgun.

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AI4Pallets was developed for PSS and AMS customers to ensure standardised sorting. When people repair pallets and have them sorted by the repair workers, sorting faults often occur.

With AI4Pallets, a cost-effective solution has now been created.

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