The standard for sorting and repairing pallets

With Pallet Sorting Systems' solutions, you sort your pallets in the most efficient way possible. With a PSS machine, one employee can process up to four hundred pallets per hour and the number of forklift movements is halved. Are you also taking your pallet management to the next level?

Foresco - High Speed L40 Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line

It seems too good to be true: sorting and repairing forty different types of pallets with one machine. Yet it can be done with the systems of Pallet Sorting Systems. Foresco took their pallet business to the highest level with the High Speed L40 Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line from PSS. They will be happy to tell you more about it.

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Rotom - Six sorting and repair lines in operation

Over the years, the pallet sorting and repair systems in use by Rotom have continued to be expanded and optimised. Kuiper: "As an early adaptor, we started with a basic sorter with inspection unit and four pallet stackers. When the pallet stack was full, the forklift driver first had to remove the stack before the operator could continue sorting." Thanks to continuous technical improvements, such as the addition of buffer lanes to stackers, waiting time was significantly reduced.

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Pallethandel Den Bosch - Multisort and Pallet Repair System

Pallethandel Den Bosch has been a specialist in the supply and repair of wooden pallets for over 15 years. Wil Box: "Everything depends on a good pallet." Under the leadership of his two sons, Ronnie and Ferdy Box, the company is making a development move with the purchase of a Multisort System from Pallet Sorting Systems, including Pallet Repair System. Thus, man and machine are ready for the future.

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Ire Wel Pallets - Pallet Sorting System in combination with Pallet Repair System

Established in 1990, Ire Wel Pallets is Ireland's market leader in wooden packaging and pallets. As the first in Ireland, Ire Wel Pallets built a production site with ventilated storage to keep wood and pallets at their best. They did not stop there to innovate: the purchase of a combination system from Pallet Sorting Systems that repairs and sorts pallets further increased their lead in the market.

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Zoethout Pallets - Efficient sorting and repair

Enter the revamped world of Zoethout Pallets, where efficiency and progress go hand in hand thanks to Pallet Sorting Systems' advanced Pallet Sorting and Repair System. Stijn Welten, business manager at Zoethout Pallets, says: "The machine exceeds all our expectations, we could not have foreseen the efficiency gains we could achieve."

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