Project showcase: Foresco Palletindustrie

Repairing and sorting forty types of pallets with one machine? No problem!

It seems too good to be true: sorting and repairing forty different types of pallets with one machine. Yet it can be done with Pallet Sorting Systems' systems. Foresco sort & repair Klundert BV took their pallet business to the highest level with the High Speed L40 Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line from PSS. They would be happy to tell you more about it.

Versatility in pallet sorting

Known as an innovative company, Foresco sort & repair Klundert BV focuses on optimising their pallet management and logistics processes. With a progressive vision and commitment to efficiency, they invest in advanced technologies to meet the growing demands of their market. This is why they chose a machine from PSS: "With this line, we can effortlessly handle one hundred and fifty different types of pallets in forty classes without compromising on speed or efficiency."

Man and machine working together

PSS's innovative approach appealed to Arie and Pierre. That approach is reflected, among other things, in the Pallet Ai Type Selector that automatically select the right type of pallet. This is useful because operators do not all speak the same language. Foresco explains: "Our operators are involved in springing pallets and removing unwanted elements, while the automated selection process identifies pallet types. This ensures a seamless sorting process." The operator plays a crucial role in the process by singling out pallets and selecting quality, while the Pallet Type Selector automatically identifies the pallet type. This combined approach greatly simplifies the process, with speed being determined by the operator: this is how man and machine work together.

More efficient than ever before

The efficiency of the High Speed L40 Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line is worth mentioning, especially compared to the situation before the machine was installed. In forklift movements alone, the machine is 50% more efficient than the old situation. Arie: "With a capacity of more than five hundred pallet types per hour, supported by four robots each processing hundred sixty till hundred seventy-five pallets per hour, we are achieving unprecedented levels of productivity." Repairers no longer have to make individual choices for each of the forty pallet types. Arie concludes, "This has made the sorting and repair process significantly more efficient than ever before."

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Features of the High Speed L40 Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line:

  • The High Speed L40 is designed to directly process and sort 40 types of pallets of different sizes.

  • It has four robots with a capacity of more than 200 pallets per hour per robot.

  • The Pallet Type Selector uses a new approach to sorting and selecting. The operator simplifies the process by stripping pallets of plastic, paper and loose parts, after which the camera system automatically selects the pallet type. This provides improved speed and efficiency with more than 500 pallet type selections per hour.

  • Defective pallets are immediately sent to repair stations via the overhead conveyor, ensuring seamless integration of repair processes.

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