Project showcase: Zoethout Pallets

"The machine exceeds all our expectations"

Enter the revamped world of Zoethout Pallets, where efficiency and progress go hand in hand thanks to Pallet Sorting Systems' advanced Pallet Sorting and Repair System. Stijn Welten, business manager at Zoethout Pallets, says: "The machine exceeds all our expectations, we could not have foreseen the efficiency gains we could achieve."

Efficient sorting and repair

Zoethout Pallets' Pallet Sorting and Repair System is a versatile machine with various functionalities. With this machine, various pallets can be sorted by quality and type, which was previously a labour-intensive process. In addition, the addition of the Pallet Repair System ensures that not only sorting, but also repairs can be carried out efficiently. With six stackers and output conveyors, a rotary lift table for inspection and the possibility of de-nesting, this machine offers a wide range of options for optimal processing.

An optimised process with higher quality

The switch to the machine from PSS has brought significant improvements. "Where in the previous situation many separate processes came together with different quality standards, this has now become one clear line. This structure means there is no confusion among our people and efficiency and output is higher. It takes a lot of physical work off our hands and ensures that our employees enjoy standing at their workstations. In addition, the office can monitor everything well through the app and real-time data information," Welten says. The sorting process has been optimised with higher quality, straighter stacks and larger numbers with less effort.

Financial benefits of user-friendliness

Using the Pallet Sorting and Repair System has led not only to direct cost savings on staff costs, but also to indirect benefits such as lower sorting costs and operations per pallet. Welten shares, "Our personnel costs have been reduced directly. In addition, our sorting costs and operations have indirectly become a lot more advantageous. This machine allows us to process larger quantities and offer customers a lower price, which keeps us an interesting party as a service provider."

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Features of Zoethout Pallets' Pallet Sorting and Repair System:

  • The system is capable of sorting a wide range of pallet types, including Euro, Epal, IPP, Chep, LPR Block pallets and US GMA pallets.

  • With six stackers and associated output conveyors, the machine provides streamlined and automated pallet handling.

  • The machine is equipped with a rotary lift table located at the inspection position. This feature allows pallets to be inspected and cleaned quickly and efficiently. This optimises quality control, and extends the life of pallets.

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