Options for extra efficiency

Pallet Sorting Systems realizes not only the machine that makes your process as efficient as possible, but also the options that take work off your hands and make the workshop more pleasant. In this way you achieve a better repetitive result and guarantee the reliability of an operation. Think for example of a press, measuring unit paintbooth or nailgun.

Corner Saw

The corner saw cuts the corners of pallets for a uniform, clean look in the stack. This not only saves time for repairers, but also makes a good visual impression when delivering pallets to the customer. A corner saw can easily be placed at the end of a repair line.


The corner saw is often complemented by a press. Our press is a crucial addition for pallets used in the paper and glass industries, or for transporting fragile goods such as flour and rice. Where normally nails are bent over with rollers, PSS's press presses nails back into the deck. With an adjustable tonnage of up to 15 tons, the press presses nails, keeping them firmly in place in the pallet deck.


Our paintbooth is a revolution in the industry. Equipped with a liquid-tight housing, the booth captures overspray without the need for an extraction system. The paint is returned to the paint drum, keeping your work environment clean. That means significant savings on pump and spray guns. PSS's spray technology gives you easy access outside the paintbooth. This makes maintenance effortless.

Mechanical measuring unit

Our mechanical measuring unit provides accurate measurements of the length, width and height of pallets. This makes it easy to sort pallets by size, without errors. You set the allowable deviation, where the machine automatically moves pallets with a larger deviation to a different stack than originally entered by the sorter.

EPAL nailgun

For EPAL pallets, we designed the EPAL nailgun. This places an EPAL nail on repaired pallets, which serves as a seal of approval for a correct repair by a certified repairer. This hallmark should always be placed in the same location. With an EPAL nailgun you are assured of the correct position of the hallmark, easily checked on one side of the stack.

Have work taken off of your hands

For more information on the possible additions to your repair or sorting system, contact us. Not sure yet about the right machine for your situation? We are happy to help you with a customized quote. We are happy to help you find out how we can make your process as efficient as possible.

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