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At Pallet Sorting Systems, we understand that your business benefits from increased production, optimal working conditions and accurate data. We have specialised in developing advanced machines that achieve these goals. The Pallet Repair System represents the latest innovation in the pallet repair market and takes pallet management to the next level.

Repairing pallets with higher output

The machines designed and manufactured by Pallet Sorting Systems are among the top class when it comes to quality in pallet repair. They automate the repair process, including any marking, and pallet stacking. With increased throughput per hour, one repair worker can process 20% more pallets in a working day. This means less physical effort. Moreover, all our machines are modularly configurable, which means we offer standard customisation. This allows modifications to the machine to perfectly fit your location and specific requirements to ensure higher productivity.

Optimal working conditions

The heavy physical work of lifting, moving and stacking pallets is taken over by our Pallet Repair System. After repair on the ergonomic workbench, the pallet is stacked at the touch of a button and is ready for sale. The machine configuration is fully customisable to your specific pallet repair needs. All repaired pallets are counted and reported per employee.

Fixed and adjustable variants

Our Pallet Repair System is available in two variants: the fixed repair line and the adjustable repair line. The fixed sorting machine is suitable for pallets with dimensions of 120 x 80 cm and 120 x 100 cm, such as euro pallets and block pallets. This machine can also handle pallets with bridges on the long side or a circular lower deck, but pallets with a different structure require additional adjustment. Optional sizes of 120 x 120 cm pallets or 48-inch pallets can also be added to this machine.

This variant is ideal for customers who mainly handle euro pallets or handle many one-off or customised 120 x 100 cm block pallets. The adjustable repair line is suitable for pallets with widths ranging from 100 cm to 130 cm. Here, the pallets must be pre-sorted by size, as the stackers are set to the same size at the push of a button. This variant allows efficient handling of different pallet sizes thanks to pre-sorting and adjustment.

Repairing and sorting with one machine

Our Multisort System, Pallet Sorting System and Pallet Repair System can be seamlessly combined. This means you can easily add pallet repair to your sorting line, even after the sorting line is already in place. The repair line can be added in any arrangement: in a straight line, in a corner arrangement or in a T arrangement.

Efficiency starts with Pallet Sorting Systems

Visit our projects page to view various installed machines, or contact us directly for personal advice or more information: +31 (0)513 74 52 42.

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