Project showcase: Ire Wel Pallets

Leading the market with machinery from PSS

Established in 1990, Ire Wel Pallets is Ireland's market leader in wooden packaging and pallets. As the first in Ireland, Ire Wel Pallets built a production facility with ventilated storage to keep wood and pallets at their best. They didn't stop there with innovation: the purchase of a combination system from Pallet Sorting Systems that repairs and sorts pallets further increased their lead in the market.

Efficiency pays off

The passion Ire Wel Pallets has for wood is evident in everything they do. Says Ire Wel Pallets, "Wood is the most environmentally friendly resource in the world. It retains CO2 even after it has been made into something new." PSS's choice of an innovative sorting and repair system fits perfectly with that. The better a pallet can be repaired, the higher the quality is and remains. This is both sustainable and cost-effective. "There is simply no comparison to the situation before: from the point of view of people satisfaction or output. People are happier and the numbers have quadrupled," said Ire Wel Pallets.

A step toward customization

The move to a combination system from PSS is a move to customization. The combination line for Ire Wel Pallets is designed to sort and repair the standard white pallets into many types, such as the 800 x 1200 and the 1000 x 1200 type pallets. In addition, it can now much better monitor what is being processed, and by which employee. The Scada package that records the process can be linked to both PCs and cell phones, making the data always available online and viewable anywhere. This makes work easier and more insightful. Ire Wel Pallets: "The increasing output makes pallet recovery a cool operation, while at the same time making the world a better place to live in."

Sorting pallets as well as repairing them

With a combination system from PSS, you sort and repair pallets in the most efficient way possible. This saves time, money and energy. It is possible to seamlessly integrate the Multisort System, Pallet Sorting System and Pallet Repair System. This allows you to easily add pallet repairs to your sorting line even after it is already installed. The combination can be built in different setups, such as a straight line, a corner setup or a T setup.

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Features of the Pallet Sorting System in combination with Ire Wel Pallets' Pallet Repair System:

  • This combination line is designed to sort and repair standard white pallets, including the 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 type pallets, in different types and variants.

  • The line tracks and displays the repaired pallets for each employee, providing visibility into productivity and individual contributions.

  • PSS has integrated an advanced SCADA system that records the entire process. In addition, an app is available for PC and cell phone that allows data to be accessed online.

  • The combination line is additionally equipped with a destacker with buffer unit for inspection, two stackers, six workstations for RECON, side feedline at the work tables with a hydraulic scissor lift for an additional supply of Recon Pallets and eight stackers at the end of the line.

Also taking your efficiency to the next level?

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