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Pallet Sorting Systems understands that high output, low costs and good working conditions are crucial for your logistics operations. PSS specialises in developing machines that make that happen. The Pallet Sorting System is the most advanced pallet sorting solution on the market and takes pallet management to the highest possible level.

Higher output

The machines designed and manufactured by Pallet Sorting Systems are at the forefront of technology in pallet sorting and make the feeding, de-stacking and putting away of pallets machine work. With an output of about 400 pallets per hour, one operator can process between 3,200 and 3,500 pallets in a working day with significantly less forklift movements. This translates into less physical effort and significantly higher productivity for the team. In addition, all machines are modular. Standard customisation, we call it. It means the machine can be adapted to almost any location and customer-specific requirements.

Sorting pallets with lower costs

The Pallet Sorting System literally takes work out of your hands. Only one operator is needed to operate the machine, removing dirt and loose parts and assessing quality. This saves significantly on labour costs. Machine maintenance is also schedulable, minimising downtime. Moreover, we provide comprehensive maintenance documentation so that you can easily manage maintenance yourself. If that is not possible, PSS also offers service by arrangement, both by appointment and via maintenance contracts. For example, service during office hours or even 24/7 via a secure VPN connection.

Better working conditions

The heavy, physical work is taken over by the Pallet Sorting System. Manual sorting, stacking and quality assessment are a thing of the past and are done at the touch of a button. The configuration of your machine depends on your specific pallet sorting needs, allowing you to choose the modules that best suit your operations. Other convenient options include a direct office interface and data collection.

Fixed and adjustable variants

Two variants of the Pallet Sorting System are available: the fixed sorter and the adjustable sorter. The fixed sorter is suitable for pallets with dimensions of 120 x 80 cm and 120 x 100 cm and 120 x 120 cm, such as euro pallets and block pallets. This machine can handle pallets with bridges on the long side or a circular lower deck, but pallets with a different construction require an additional add-on. Optionally, size 120 x 120 cm pallets or 48" GMA pallets can also be added to this machine. This variant is ideal for customers who mainly process europallets or handle many one-off or customer-specific 120 x 100 cm block pallets.

The adjustable sorting machine is suitable for pallets measuring from 100 cm wide to 130 cm wide. Here, pallets must be pre-sorted by size, as the stackers are fixed to the same size at the push of a button. This variant makes it possible to handle different sizes of pallets thanks to pre-sorting and custom setting.

Repairing and sorting with one machine

Our Multisort System, Pallet Sorting System and Pallet Repair System can be seamlessly combined. This means you can easily add pallet repair to your sorting line, even after the sorting line is already in place. The repair line is added in any arrangement you want: in a straight line, in a corner arrangement or in a T arrangement.

Efficiency starts with Pallet Sorting Systems

Visit our projects page to view various installed machines, or contact us directly for personal advice or more information: +31 (0)513 74 52 42.

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