Sorting various pallet types

Multisort System: efficiency for various pallet types

Want to effortlessly sort pallets of different sizes using the same machine? Pallet Sorting Systems' Multisort System makes this possible, even in confined spaces. This innovative extension for the standard Pallet Sorting System offers high output, cost-effectiveness and optimal working con

Extension to the standard

The Standard Pallet Sorting System, equipped with high-speed stackers and output conveyors, can be easily expanded with the Multisort System. The standard sorting system is a leader in sorting, feeding, stacking and putting away pallets. The Multisort System was specially developed to add to this the sorting of pallets of different sizes. Even in a small area: PSS's machines are custom-made as standard.

High capacity

The Multisort System has a fixed capacity, regardless of the number of sortations. Per robot, this machine can sort between 160 and 200 pallets per hour. The large flow of pallets runs over standard stackers. Standard pallets follow the usual stacking route, while non-standard pallets are automatically directed to a separate flow by the robot or robots, depending on the number of positions and size of the supply. This makes the Multisort System a seamless complement to standard stackers.

Blockage-free sorting

The Multisort System can be added to any set-up of PSS machines for pallets with lengths ranging from 1 metre to 1.3 metres. The machines are equipped with long, accumulating buffer lines where pallets are picked up. These lines are the same length as the driving path of the robots, preventing blockages in the supply. The robots randomly choose an available position on the accumulating buffer lines to pick up the pallets.

Repairing and sorting with one machine

Our Multisort System, Pallet Sorting System and Pallet Repair System can be seamlessly combined. This means you can easily add pallet repair to your sorting line, even after the sorting line is already in place. The repair line can be added in any desired arrangement: in a straight line, in a corner arrangement or in a T arrangement.

Practical examples

A convincing example of the Multisort System can be found at Pallethandel Den Bosch, where a standard sorting system with four stackers in a 90-degree angle was extended with a Multisort System that fills 18 pallet positions. Similar installations have been realised in T-systems for Foresco Sort & Repair Zevenbergen BV and Foresco sort & repair Klundert BV where even repair and sorting are combined.

Efficiency starts with Pallet Sorting Systems

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