Project showcase: Pallethandel Den Bosch

Both man and machine are ready for the future

Pallethandel Den Bosch has been a specialist in the supply and repair of wooden pallets for over 15 years. Wil Box: "Everything depends on a good pallet." Under the leadership of his two sons, Ronnie and Ferdy Box, the company is making a development move with the purchase of a Multisort System from Pallet Sorting Systems, including Pallet Repair System. Thus, man and machine are ready for the future.

Efficiency pays off

"We see it as our mission to give as many used pallets a second life as possible, trying to match the quality of a new pallet," says Pallethandel Den Bosch. That process is made considerably easier with PSS' machines. Sorting and repair are now largely automatic - bringing efficiency and therefore profit.

Sustainable repairs

Pallethandel Den Bosch works as sustainably as possible. Targeted and efficient repair is therefore of great importance. Thanks to the repair line, one repair employee can process up to 20% more pallets in one working day. Less physical effort is required, and so staff absenteeism is also lower. The sorting line was specifically adapted to the situation of Pallethandel Den Bosch, which PSS calls standard customisation. This way, the machine perfectly suits the location and specific requirements.

Quality and reliability

Whereas sorting and repairing pallets used to be human work, much of the work is now taken over by the machine. That means less room for human error, and so the reliability of the final product increases: a perfectly repaired and well-sorted pallet. Thus, the customers of Pallethandel Den Bosch can rely more than ever on the quality of the products.

Sorting all pallets with one machine

Especially for a company like Pallethandel Den Bosch, it is very important that many different pallets can be processed by one machine. The PSS Multisort System does exactly that. Even in tight spaces, this innovative system makes it possible to sort up to 400 pallets per hour. The standard sorting system with four stackers at a 90 degree angle has been expanded here with a Multisort Robot System that fills 18 pallet positions with 160 to 180 pallets per hour. That is sorting and repair at the highest level.

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Features of Pallethandel Den Bosch's Multisort System:

  • This sorting and repair line is equipped with 4 standard stackers, and perpendicular to them is a Multisort System with 18 pallet positions.

  • The Multisort System allows 30% of the pallets to be sorted and stacked, while the remaining 60-70% are processed via the normal stackers.

  • The machine is equipped with the PSS App, which displays the count per workstation in real time. In addition, the SCADA package collects daily operational data, which is made available to accounting via a CSV file.

  • The Multisort System can pick and place 240 pallets per hour per robot, and sort up to 20 high across 10-15 stacks.

Also ready for the future?

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