Special Pallet Sorting Machine for MS Pallets BV, with 8 stackers, Nail press, and interlocking

Special Pallet Sorting Machine for MS Pallets BV, with 8 stackers, Nail press and interlocking.

Pallet Sorting Systems BV made the Special Pallet Sorting Line made suitable for different pallet sizes. Four stackers with the standard 1200 size, ready to handle the Euro and industrial sized pallets, two adjustable stackers ready to handle all sizes of pallets like there are CP pallets and special pallets,adjustable between 900 and 1300 MM. And two Stackers can interlock the Euro pallets.

Due to the different way of supply of pallets (in the longitudinal direction i.p.v. the width direction) in combination with the push pallet transport, pallets can be transported with different dimensions.

The pallet nails are a Pressed during transport up to 40 ton pressure. Thereafter, the pallets go to 1 out of 8 pallet stackers to be stacked therein at the desired height.

The stackers are provided with an automatic output so that there is on one side of the machine 2 are pallet stack positions, and is on the other side than an extra discharge roller conveyor for conveying the pallets direction of the overhead door.