Pallet Sorting and repair-line for Rotom Belgium.

Pallet Sorting and repair-line for Rotom Belgium.

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. has developed this special Pallet Sorting and repair-line for Rotom located at Hamme. When installing the installation  as 2 separate companies (Motoman Yaskawa and PSS) we always ware thinking that this was not so effective as PSS would like to see this total machinery working. Both system integrators where not working together to make the 2 installations smart and connected at high level.

When we first used the 2 systems there where 2 operators in the system, this was one of the bottle-necks that we see as not effective, second was that machines were waiting on each other.

The idee was simple; a Standard Pallet Sorting Machine with 4 stackers, choice 1 and choice 2, than a choice for the light needed repair pallets and a choice for the heavy needed repair pallets. The last 2 are making the system smart. The idee is to let the dismantling Robot only do the heavy damaged pallets, and the light damaged pallets go straight to the repair benches. The Sorter operator is making choice 1,2, 3 and 4. when the pallets are heavy damaged the sorter gives the input to the dismantler which parts it has to remove. Stacker 3 and 4 are used as a buffer to make sure the pallets can go to a place and the system has no overflow.

After the repair work is done, the workers make a choice for the quality and the are stacked separately sort by sort quality by quality.