Special Pallet Sorting Line, for Anker Pallets BV has 8 stackers, two stackers can do inter-locking.

Special pallet sorting line, for Anker Pallets BV has 8 stackers, two stackers can do inter-locking.

The Special Pallet Sorting Line has two feed-lines for two operators ho work both at the same time sorting and repairing pallets.

Due to the different way of supply of pallets (in the longitudinal direction i.p.v. the width direction) in combination with the push pallet transport, pallets can be transported with different dimensions.

The pallet stackers are provided with an automatic output, the stackers have a buffer for 6 piles of pallets.

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. has made a Scada System that records the data and gives this information in an Excel format to the office.