Van Herpen Pallets buys an Multi Pallet Sorting & Repair Line.

Van Herpen Pallets buys Multi Pallet Sorting & Repair Line. ( This machine can handle pallets from 1000 to 1300 long pallets)

van Herpen Pallets starts with automation and buys Multi Pallet Sorting and Repair Line. Due to a large amount of incoming pallets, this step is necessary for van Herpen pallets. The Multi Sorting & Repair line can handle all types of CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6,CP7, CP8, CP9 en deĀ  PRS PalletsĀ  and ofcourse the Euro and industrial pallets.

The Multi Pallet Sorter & Repair Line has 5 stackers, and 6 work places for repair.

The Machine has 3 stackers directly behind the sorter. The good pallets are stacked directly behind the sorter. The pallets to be repaired are supplied on the upper track towards the repair tables. After repair, the pallets are transported via the undercarriage to the stackers and Paint-booth.

A Pallet Paint-booth has been placed behind the Pallet Sorting & Repair Line so that the repair can be sprayed directly, but this can also continue to be used seperately from the machine.

The Multi Pallet Sorting & Repair line is at ease with;

De-destacker for inspection.
2 x set of stackers of 3 and 2 pieces.
6 workstations for RECON
Side entry at the work tables with hydraulic scissor lift table for extra supply of Recon Pallets.
Waste tire.
Paint Booth for pallet stacks 18 high.

The Multi Pallet Sorting & Repair Line is supplied complete by PSS in Q1 of 2020