Pallet Sorting Machine for Frans Bastin.

Pallet Sorting Machine for Frans Bastin.

Pallet Sorting Systems BV made the Pallet Sorting Machine with Repair-line for Rotom S.A.S. France.

Pallet Sorting Systems BV has made the Pallet Sorting Machine with Repair-line to sort daily  2800 pallets. Besides Sorting the pallets  the out-feed can bring pallets to the repair benches.  It takes care for well sorted pallets that been checkt one by one and stores them in the right amount of pallets.therefor men do not have heavy labor anymore. Your cost savings are found in labor; One person is sorting 350 pallets a hour. Forklifting use; You do not have to divide a stack of pallets by 9 a stack and bring them back at 18 high after sorting the machine takes care of that. And your quality is better because oft the handling by the machine; When the pallet is falling in the inspection place you have a good visual check of the front first, than it falls in the inspection and visual you check the bridges, then send the pallet to the right stacker.

With the use of the sorting machine you have a good selection of good and bad, first and second choice pallets. Without having more labor sorting the different types or qualitys.

The Standard Pallet Sorting Machine is modulair and improved over the last 10 years, on use of material (Siemens, Festo, Lenze, HAWE), Safety Integrated in the PLC, Reliability by making choices when a part seems to need more maintenance than we would like,

You can always expand the machine afterwords with:

  1. Enlarging the feed-line.
  2. capacity, ( place the feed-buffer in-between the Tipper and inspection place means 20% more output)
  3. Pallet mark installation.
  4. High Pressure Blower to clean pallets from wood dust.
  5. Pallet Press.
  6. Extra Stackers.
  7. Interlocking pallets in Stacker 3 and 4.
  8. Repair line between the pallet rotation unit and the stackers.
  9. Repair line behind the standard machine in a angel of 90 degree.