Pallet Sorting-Line for Houtsma Pallets BV.

Pallet Sorting-Line for Houtsma Pallets BV.

The Pallet sorting-Line is working since 2007 on the location of Houtsma Pallets BV in Holland, and sorts 2800 pallets daily. Most pallets are the Euro pallets that been sorted on this machine. The big advantec is the use of space by the machine. The standard machines use almost no additional space that you now all-ready use manual sorting pallets.

The machine has one operator that can sort the pallets in four stackers, on sort or quality. It can work 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 at the same time. The stackers are adjustable in a second.

PSS has improved every standard machine thats made by us during more than 10 years.

The standard Pallet Sorting Machines are now modulair build. This means that we work with options in the machines. The options can be placed afterwords. To give you a feeling of the possibility’s we have;