Pallet sorting and repair-line for the ROM GRUP Romania.

Pallet sorting and repair-line for the ROM GRUP Romania.

Pallet Sorting Systems BV has delivered in Oktober 2016, the pallet sorting and repair-line for the ROM GRUP Romania .

This standard pallet sorting machine is equipped with four pallet stackers that can interlock the pallets.

Repair street:
Between the inspection position and the stackers we placed 40 M pallet transport system, with 20 lifting tables to add repaired pallets between the sorted pallets. The pallets to be repaired are fed on a pallet transport-line “above the other pallet transport for good pallets” and buffered by 30 positions.

There are 20 pallet repair-tables 10 left and 10 right of the machine. The people who work at the repair-tables can ask a pallet by pushing a button, insertion of a pallet is working also with a pushbutton and there is a possibility to delete a pallet from the system.

Pallet Repair workers can fix and implement external pallets.

Pallet Measurement: 

The pallets are automatically measured on 10 specific positions, which is freely adjustable by the ROM GRUP. After the measuring of the pallet, the machine’s software is making a choice for the stacker.


The Scada system keeps track of how many pallets the machine handles daily. This system is also tracking the repair-stations. The operators control cabinet has an IPC (Industrial Panel Computer) where the daily reports in a folder are stored in Excel.