Pallet Repair Sorting Line for pallets PR Ltd, England.

Pallet Repair Sorting Line for pallets PR Ltd England.

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. March 2016 placed the Pallet Repair and Sorting Line. at PR Pallets Ltd England.

The Standard Pallet Repair and Sorting Line of PSS is 4 expands more Stackers and a small repair system. This means that the machine now has 8 stackers, the eight stacker is able to stack and UN stack, as well, which is used to store the overflow of the pallets that must be repaired, and also bring pallets to repair if you fill the truck with pallets that you want to bring to the repair workers.

The machine, the 800 x 1200 pallets and 1000 x 1200 pallets, as Euro, IPP, LPR, Chep pallets and industrial pallets and single handle used pallets.

The sorting system can handle up to 400 technical pallets per hour, because the operator has to clean pallets (take plastic, paper and wood lose away) the real issue between 320/360 be an hour.

The repair workers to obtain the pallets individually, and with top down, the reason is brought for les Handeling for the workers. Using this principle, you can improve the output with 20/25% to the repair workers.