Industrial Pallet Sorting Line for Rotom Spain.

Industrial Pallet Sorting Line for Rotom Spain.

Pallet Sorting Systems B.V. has made the Industrial Pallet Sorting Line for Rotom Spain.

This Pallet Sorting Machine is handling 2500 pallets daily, sorts them out in the 2 or 3 different qualities and stacks the broken pallets.

One operator is sorting the pallets out with the machine. This way one person is guarding the quality and is doing the work of tree persons.

This is not the only saving done, the forklift puts the stacks at 18 high on the machine and is taking them out at the 18 high.

The pallet are falling one by one in the inspection place, there the can be checkt, brought with deck visual inspected on the tipper, falling on there deck so the bridges can be inspected, the plastic, paper and lose wood parts need to be removed here. Falling on the deck the pallets get rit of mud, sand and glass parts, than after inspection the pallet flip unit is rotation the pallet automatically again so deck is up, there the other lose mud, sand and glass comes of before stacking.

In the pallet sorting machine all steps have a purpose to sort clean and detect.

Pallet Sorting Systems is aware of the needs and and will apply this demands in the machine.