Hommerin Pallets B.V. has purchased a Multi Pallet Sorting line.

Hommerin Pallets B.V. from Oosterhout has bought a Multi Pallet Sorting Line from Pallet Sorting Systems.

Hommerin Pallets B.V. has bought a Multi Pallet Sorting line with 2 Pallet Repair workstations and 6 Pallet stackers.

The PSS Standard machine can sort and stack all pallets of approximately 1200 long, such as the 1200 x 800 type pallets Euro light medium and heavy, and the 1000 x 1200 light medium and heavy, and the 1200 x 1200 light medium and heavy. The standard machine can sort 500 pallets per hour through a buffer between tipper and inspection, and 550 pallets are also collected when un-locking new pallets.

But the Multi Pallet Sorting Line does not have a buffer but can sort all CP pallets in addition to the above-mentioned pallets. The machine can be set to 1000, 1100, 1140, 1200 and 1300mm width for this. In order to properly and efficiently sort all pallets by quality and type, this machine is equipped with 6 stackers with outfeed conveyors. The output is around 400 pallets per hour.

The Multi Pallet Sorting Line will be delivered in 2021.