Adjustable Pallet Sorting System Line for Bauwens Logistics.

Multi Pallet Sorting Line for Bauwens Logistics.

Bauwens Logistics has purchased a Multi Pallet Sorting Line from Pallet Sorting Systems B.V.

The Adjustable Pallet Sorting System is intended for sorting various types of pallets, where the dimensions are unambiguous. The Pallet Sorting Machine is adjustable between 1100 and 1400 and can therefore sort many types of pallets.

By setting the machine to 1240 wide, you can sort the Euro, Industry and CP6, for example. These pallets are all 1200 cm long and are now sorted by stacker. The machine can be electrically adjusted between 1100 and 1440 with which the most common pallets can be sorted after a pre-selection on the length of the pallets.

The Multi Pallet Sorting Line will be delivered to Bauwens Logistics in Q3 of 2020.